Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogophilia 40.3 The Way We Were

This link is to Marvin's new Facebook page.  I'd link the Myspace page too but we all know what a clusterfuck that would be.

(to anyone who has no idea who/what Marvin and Blogophilia are, Blogophilia is a writing group that originated on Myspace.  Each week a topic is given for you to incorporate any way you want into a fiction or non-fiction story, poem, song, you name it.  Bonus prompts are given to incorporate as well.  It's an awesome group of fun and talented people.....join us if you're interested!)

Topic: The Way We Were
(Hard, 2pts): complete the phrase "Advice is what we ask for...."
(Easy, 1pt): include the word 'insane'

A Good Me vs. Bad Me Installment

Good Me:    *hums while dusting*    

Bad Me:    *wakes up with a start*    huh?   uh, wuuuuuhhhh?

Good Me:    About time you woke up.  Come on, help me finish unpacking and cleaning!

Bad Me:    WTF?  What do you mean by 'unpacking and cleaning' huh?  *looks around*  where the hell are we, anyway?

Good Me:    *sighs*  You know perfectly well where we are.  We're in our new home.

Bad Me:    New home?  What. The Fuck.  Seriously mate, what's goin' on here?  *glares suspiciously*

Good Me:    You really do have short term memory loss, haven't you?  *whispers under breath*  must be all the drugs....

Bad Me:    I heard that!  *narrows eyes*  I haven't used anything in......um.....well....a long time!

Good Me:    *laughs hysterically*  a few days doesn't count as a long time, sorry to say.  ANYWAY, *rolls eyes*   this is our new home.  BlogSpot.  We also have rentals at WordPress, Myboomerplace, and Friendburst too, but we're making our home here for now.  

Bad Me:     WTF happened to Myspace?!?

Good Me:     Argh, don't ask.  Seriously, don't ask  *tears up*

Bad Me:    *looks astonished*  Blimey, I didn't know it had gotten that bad.  Do they need an intervention?

Good Me:    Who, Myspace?  We already tried.  It's a lost cause.  *breaks up and weeps*

Bad Me:    *looks uncomfortable*   Um....     *pats Good Me's shoulder*   Uh......there there.  Hush....um, fuck.

Good Me:    *blows nose on Bad Me's shirt*    Thanks mate.  I'll be OK.  It's just still so hard to accept.....I keep remembering the way we were, all of us bloggers there, in this fabulous community!  We sent so many emails, staged so many protests......advice is what we asked for from Myspace, how to survive these changes.....and we were told we bloggers didn't matter!  *starts sobbing again*  Yes!  We were told we didn't matter! Isn't that insane?  We were the only ones keeping Myspace afloat!  *weeps uncontrollably*  

Bad Me:     *looking even more uncomfortable*  Uh.......ok.  So what you're saying is, we have new digs?

Good Me:    *loudly sniffs*   YES.

Bad Me:    And are any of our friends here?

Good Me:   A few, yes.  Why?

Bad Me:    *whistling*   Oh, I dunno....new digs might be kinda fun yeah?  

Good Me:   What do you mean?

Bad Me:    *smirks*   Well.....new digs, new girls, new......distractions.....  *grins evilly*  So out with it, how's the scene, how's the action, where's the girls, where's the bar!?  Come on, where's the fucking bar!?

Good Me:   *long, heavy sigh*  Here we go again.....