Thursday, September 8, 2011


All politicians on both sides of the aisle are crazy, corrupt, and contemptible to some degree, but the current crop of GOP candidates seem to top the scale of bat-shit craziness.  Just sayin'.  

If somehow Rick Perry manages to stumble into the White House, I may consider moving back to England.

Why am I talking about politics all of a sudden?  *shakes head*

It's nice outside.

I wonder why no one besides Sue reads and comments on my blog anymore.  (Hi Sue!)

I'm thinking about having a roommate again to help ease up my finances, but don't want another scenario such as the last one.   I'll have to tread carefully here.

I'm in a better head space today than I've been the last couple of weeks.  I still have a lot of baggage to unload though so consider yourself warned.  Oh wait, only Sue reads this.  Sue, consider yourself warned.

I witnessed an accident this morning involving a car and a college kid on a bike.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but 2 seconds later a different car almost hit a different kid.  This town apparently doesn't like college students.

I'll be watching Obama's job speech tonight with trepidation.  Drat, there I go, politics again.  Sorry.

My local library actually has the BBC version of Being Human available for checkout!  

Been listening to a lot of Flyleaf and Shinedown lately.  They seem to be my go-to bands when my world is bleak.

Speaking of music, Tori Amos is releasing a new album this month, and I'm not even excited about it despite having been a huge fan for years.  The magic seems gone from her newer music, somehow.  I'll probably buy it anyway as a matter of principle.

Bored yet Sue?  I'm done anyway.  Have a good night.