Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is what it feels like

This links to someone's suicide note where he disclosed that he had been sexually molested as a child and how it fucked up his life.  I'm sharing it so that others who have not experienced this can understand how hard it is to get through life for those of us who have.  Many aspects of this letter I could have written myself.  Maybe I use it as an excuse too often, but it's also the reason I struggle so much to stay clean and sober.  I do try, but then I have that other issue to deal with and it seems impossible to be alone with my thoughts without being numbed out.  Please don't mistake this as a sign that I'm contemplating the same thing as this guy did.....I'm not.  I just thought it important to circulate this so that others who don't understand why we "just can't get over it" know a little what it's like.