Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blogophilia 22.5 Errance

The mind in errance,

intelligence in forbearance.

To think is to dream they say...

but to dream too much is to

waste away.

In front of the tele,

with a potato chip belly,

we ignore reality

and escape mundanity

with the punch of the remote.

I have to quote,

"The fat is in the fire now,"

the sheeple have forgotten how

to think for themselves.

Ignore the books on the shelves,

just grab the latest iPad

and say

"Ah, you shouldn't have."

Copyright Steven Clark 2012

Submitted for Blogophilia 22.5

topic:  Ah, you shouldn't have

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts):  Use the Designer Haider Ackermann's line, "I love what the French call Errance."  
(it means losing yourself by escaping to an unfamiliar place or just dreaming)
(Easy, 1pt):  Mention a really effective fat-melting treatment

bonus guesses:  color blind, a world of black and white, true colors, tuning out, fade to black, vision, taste the rainbow

GBE #62 Breathless

He left the restaurant in

breathless anguish,

ring clutched in his hand,

her "no" echoing in his ears.

Copyright Steven Clark 2012

Submitted for GBE #62 topic:  Breathless