Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I stole this from another blog.  If you wish to play, copy and paste into your own blog then erase my answers.  Be as witty or serious as you like.


i am: just me
i know: I need more sleep
i want: a cookie
i have: lots of laundry to do
i wish: money grew on trees
i hate: drivers from 37 county
i miss: her
i fear: drivers from 37 county
i feel: dazed and confused
i hear: a car driving down the street
i smell: nothing.  thank you clogged sinuses.
i crave: all the wrong things
i search: for balance
i regret: so much
i love: irish breakfast tea
i care: or do I?
i always: am late for everything.  Punctual I am not.
i believe: that kilroy is watching me
i dance: NOT
i sing: NOT

i don’t always: return library books on time
i truly desire: to be free from addiction
i like: post it notes
i write: and am surprised I'm good at it
i lose: patience with drivers from 37 county

i win: at Scrabble most of the time
i try: but fail often
i  never: get enough sleep
i am grateful: for my pets
i listen: to 103.1 The Thunder
i am scared: of myself
i need: a lobotomy
i am happy about: having enough money to pay my rent this month
i tag: anyone who wants to do this


  1. I like this one Steve. i have not done anything like that since AOL! lol i dont blog :/