Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Best Choice

I looked in her eyes and said,
"Are you sure?"
Her eyes said no
even as her lips said yes.

We had dangerously danced
and now it was time to pay the fiddler.

The appointment was set
and as the days marched on,
I continued asking her
"Are you sure?"

I could see nothing in her eyes now,
but heard more conviction in her yes.

The day came,
just another day with little fanfare
to mark the fact that we were
making an irrevocable choice.

As we waited,
I didn't ask her if she was sure...that time had gone.

When it was over
I took her home; in the car
I caught a glimpse of my own eyes.
They were full of regret.

Even so,
we had made the best choice.

My eyes will remind me, though,
that even the best choices
are not without their consequence.
In the distance I can hear the fiddler playing.

Copyright Steven Clark 2011


  1. Well - that was beautifully cryptic

  2. I don't know how I missed this... I would've known, ya know.

    Big hugs <3
    So sad but you tell it so well.