Thursday, September 8, 2011


All politicians on both sides of the aisle are crazy, corrupt, and contemptible to some degree, but the current crop of GOP candidates seem to top the scale of bat-shit craziness.  Just sayin'.  

If somehow Rick Perry manages to stumble into the White House, I may consider moving back to England.

Why am I talking about politics all of a sudden?  *shakes head*

It's nice outside.

I wonder why no one besides Sue reads and comments on my blog anymore.  (Hi Sue!)

I'm thinking about having a roommate again to help ease up my finances, but don't want another scenario such as the last one.   I'll have to tread carefully here.

I'm in a better head space today than I've been the last couple of weeks.  I still have a lot of baggage to unload though so consider yourself warned.  Oh wait, only Sue reads this.  Sue, consider yourself warned.

I witnessed an accident this morning involving a car and a college kid on a bike.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but 2 seconds later a different car almost hit a different kid.  This town apparently doesn't like college students.

I'll be watching Obama's job speech tonight with trepidation.  Drat, there I go, politics again.  Sorry.

My local library actually has the BBC version of Being Human available for checkout!  

Been listening to a lot of Flyleaf and Shinedown lately.  They seem to be my go-to bands when my world is bleak.

Speaking of music, Tori Amos is releasing a new album this month, and I'm not even excited about it despite having been a huge fan for years.  The magic seems gone from her newer music, somehow.  I'll probably buy it anyway as a matter of principle.

Bored yet Sue?  I'm done anyway.  Have a good night.



  1. Why am I the only one who not only reads, but digests your blogs and then comments. I have no idea (my friend Lori has the same problem I’m the only one who comments) I could give several reasons as I create them but my creative juices have been used up today (see mouse write) Mostly no ne comments on my blogs either unless it’s Blogophilia or my Sunday group. Except for Lori who always comments.

    Ok - you never bore me by the way - bikes and cars - I’m surprised more bikers (bicycle) aren’t hurt - we don’t have bike lanes either. Drivers - except for you probably - don’t pay attention. My fav instance was the woman cutting her pubic hairs and driving at the same time.... so not that they are students - just coincidence

    next Tori - Ryan (my son sort of) loves Tori also - not sure if still does we don’t talk I hear Tori a number of years ago - amazing voice. But I thought the stuff she was given to sing did not do justice to her voice. And her songs are sort of downers. It may be a good thing that she no longer excites you

    Politics - not going there - we have a provincial election in Oct and the two main parties (we have a third one too) are promising a bowl of cherries, sunny days and great sex for all citizens. Don’t move back to the UK, Come here


    I’m done

    for now

  2. Hey I'm here....I know it's a hassle to alert me but I'd like to know when you blog..It ain't like it used to be, I've got myself so damn busy..oh now I see I can know I love you always come from alot of the same pain & struggles I have. I just glad to hear you are present & accountable, sometimes that is all we can manage in one day eh? I will comment on the Perry part...he scares the shit of me, because he will make every single one of us Texans look like a gun toting Jesus freak before he is through..I'm totally afraid he will be elected. But just remember this the president is just a figure head, it's the congress and the house we need to worry about. Oh and BTW I'm trying to get back to my book, I will start all over so bear with me. love you me...

  3. Sorry kiddo, with the holiday and wrapping up the end of Summer and being a newbie blogger....I have stumbled upon your blogs, read through them, and believe it or not I ENJOYED your forth rightfulness! You bare your soul unlike anything I could ever do...I can give peeks and hints through stories only. Keep it up, you do have another follower although I could only subscribe by email not through the blogger link....Am looking forward to more.

    But before we proceed to the awarding ceremony, let me share with you some rules that come along with this award. First, this award is meant to be given to blogs with less than 200 followers. This is a way to help them by spreading the word that such blogs as their exist. Number two, I can only award five bloggers. This breaks my heart. You all deserve to have the "Dearest Award", but I must comply to the rules. Now shall we proceed?

    1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.

    2. Give the Liebster Blog Award to five bloggers and comment on their blogs, letting them know they got it.

  5. Hi Steven! Sue said to tell you that I'm her "other sucky friend" (lori) who never gets any comments other than hers, lol. Looks like you get more comments than me ;).

    Roommates: I've never had much luck with them. Like you, I get them hoping to lighten the financial load, but then end out having to support them too. I had one that was a good friend who had a drinking problem. She ended out losing her job. I wanted to help her out (kind of like your last experience), but she started dragging me down with her. I don't blame you for being leary.

    Shinedown: yeah, I can relate :D

  6. I have to laugh at myself for complaining about comments, when I'm so bad at leaving comments at others' blogs. I guess deep down we're all just attention seekers on some level. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Yes we are all attention seekers Glad you and Lori "met" You are two of my best friends