Monday, January 2, 2012

GBE 33: Work.

Work for a living.
Work for the paycheck.

Work to pay the bills.
Work to stick to the budget.

Work at your relationship.
Work at not telling her that outfit really does make her look fat.

Work around the house.
Work to clean the toilet at least once a week.

Work at remembering to return the library books on time.
Work at remembering to call your auntie to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Work to unwind at the end of a long day
Work to rid your mind of all the unceasing worries that keep you up at night.

Work to stay clean, one day at a time.
Work at remembering why you need to stay clean, one day at a time.

Work to paste the smile on your face at a family gathering you'd rather not be at.
Work to keep from retorting back to the rude comment made at your expense.

Work to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and see a lifetime of regrets look back at you.
Work to keep plugging on and pretend that you have hope for the future.

Posted for GBE #33, topic:  "Work"


  1. Wow this was creative! Very nicely done if I may say so!

  2. I enjoyed this Steven :-) Simple, straightforward, and to the point!

  3. WOW. I loved it right up to the end. Could you possibly change that one, the last line? Maybe to:

    Work until you have hope for the future.

    I have hope for you Steven. :)♥

  4. Great lines - working at everything!

  5. Just keep swimming my friend!!!! HUGZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

  6. Jo has a good point ..... she's a good friend

  7. Anything worthwhile is worth working for. And, I join Jo in saying that I have hope for you too. You are worth it! This is an awesome post!

  8. Nice! As I started reading, I was pretty sure that somewhere down the line, I'd see, "Work it, baby!" ;O)

  9. Don't ever give up hope, Steven! Our today is what we make of it and it sounds like you're pretty darn successful "one day at a time."

    Keep up the good "work!"

  10. Work. Work. Work. Life is full of work.

    Great post!

    Hope you don't mind a new follower....

  11. Wow, that puts it all in a nutshell, nice post.

  12. Very negative, not much hope there, but some days, and some lives, are like that. Still a very well written piece which I enjoyed experiencing :o)

  13. Well Mojo, hope is a foreign concept to me. Glad you're a glass half-full person, though, somebody needs to be!

  14. I like this, very true :o) Work does feel never-ending sometimes! I make endless lists of things that 'need to be done', and I'm sure that list will never end! haha...We all strive to have hope for the future...That's what keeps us going :o) I hope 2012 is the year that hope returns for you...
    Visiting via GBE 2 :o)

  15. work to stay clean
    that was very funny

  16. Working to stay clean off heroin is funny?