Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blogophilia 22.5 Errance

The mind in errance,

intelligence in forbearance.

To think is to dream they say...

but to dream too much is to

waste away.

In front of the tele,

with a potato chip belly,

we ignore reality

and escape mundanity

with the punch of the remote.

I have to quote,

"The fat is in the fire now,"

the sheeple have forgotten how

to think for themselves.

Ignore the books on the shelves,

just grab the latest iPad

and say

"Ah, you shouldn't have."

Copyright Steven Clark 2012

Submitted for Blogophilia 22.5

topic:  Ah, you shouldn't have

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2pts):  Use the Designer Haider Ackermann's line, "I love what the French call Errance."  
(it means losing yourself by escaping to an unfamiliar place or just dreaming)
(Easy, 1pt):  Mention a really effective fat-melting treatment

bonus guesses:  color blind, a world of black and white, true colors, tuning out, fade to black, vision, taste the rainbow


  1. I like your guesses. Sheeple? Taste the rainbow - let’s write a poem that is an awesome line
    I like what you said, it’s funny, true
    we ignore reality
    and escape mundanity
    with the punch of the remote

    You have the skill to be amusing and to speak truth at the same time.

    1. Sheeple....people who are sheep and will follow anything as long as they don't have to think.

      You're too kind though, I knew what I wanted to say but trying to fit it in with the prompts, oi. Marvin was rough this week.

  2. The "sheeple" have a history of not thinking for themselves that goes back as far as history goes. I think we just notice it because of all the media coverage


    1. I don't know, I think it's the media coverage along with TV and entertainment in general that has allowed 'sheepledom' to breed to the extent it has. People are more concerned about who is going to win Dancing With The Stars and what Snooki is going to name her baby than with the real issues affecting us. They'd rather be spoon fed bullshit by Rush Limbaugh and Fox News because it's easier than researching a subject and forming their own opinion about it. Might cut into their entertainment time, of course.

  3. Great poem, although for me it's about wasting time on my computer. At least last night I was up until two doing something productive and creative for work.


    1. I'm just as guilty of being a couch potato or glued to the internet. But I'm trying to be more aware of things.

  4. yes all too many forget that books are real things

  5. Love it and you sure do speak the truth.... I get totally turned off by the mindless crap on television and the hours of time that could be wasted watching some of these so-called reality shows. Personally I would rather lose myself in music and writing.... well done!!

  6. Baaaah... Hey where did the herd go? I guessed I was reading a book...:)
    Very thought provoking write there Sir! 8 points Earthling! :)


  7. your on a roll! very nice..

  8. Mankind never has had the ability to accept reality.

  9. I can plop myself in a chair with a book, or sit by the computer, and the world just goes twirlig by.... I should learn to set timers, lol These also pass the time and I could easily waste awy hours, no remote though....