Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blogophilia 4.7 Remember When....

Remember when...... you thought anything was possible?

Before fate, that twisted thing, came along and had life take you down a peg or two and left a bitter taste in your mouth.....

Remember when...... you trusted authority?

Before those you looked up to broke your spirit and made you question everything you'd been taught....

Remember when..... you gave someone your heart for the first time?

Before having it stomped on and handed back to you with scorn.....

 Remember learned that life had beautiful things to offer you, too?

After fate, that twisted thing, came along and showed you that out of the ashes, hope arises?

Remember learned to love again?

After you received love from others unconditionally......

Remember woke up glad to be alive?

After you learned that you are capable of more than you realize?

Life is comprised of both good and bad, light and dark.  It is up to us to choose which side we dwell in.

"Happiness depends upon ourselves"--Aristotle

Posted for Blogophilia 4.7 topic:  Remember when anything was possible?
Bonus points:
(hard, 2 pts):  quote Aristotle
(easy, 1 pt):  include a "twist of fate"

Bonus picture guesses:   blending in, fading away, asymmetrical, rearview, pale beauty, faded beauty, polar opposite


  1. try again - oh my oh my how far Steven has traveled. And more good stuff in your future. Fate, that twisted thing - great use of prompt

    1. I haven't traveled that far. I can write the words but I'm not there in my head yet. But it sounded good, right?

    2. a while ago you couldn't have written the words

    3. I could have written the words, but I would have scoffed and laughed at them the whole way through. So ok, I guess I've traveled a bit.

  2. Memories down memory lane .. Yeah kin so remember many sad one indeed very few happy one .. Smiles .. Great write .. LOL .. :)


  3. I love how you used the prompts this week


  4. Ghosts of the past. Hope springs forward. Thank you :)

    1. You're welcome......I think I know who you

    2. You know me more than most :)

  5. Truth - always have to have some darkness with light or some light in the darkness.

  6. Life is certainly a journey, and we all learn through the twists in fate along the way. Love this, my friend. HUGS

  7. It must be a universal, inter-galactic thing, as Martians can experience these same things. Remember when it all seems impossible and you are so far down, there's no place to go but up. 8 uplifting points, Earthling!

  8. Indeed it does. So wonderfully and eloquently expressed. I love it!

  9. I DO remember and I loved this!

  10. I still think that anything is possible and can come about if desired enough. I have had darkness and light. Darkness draws me, light compels me. The battle is endless but not hopeless unless one gives up on believing in himself. Never let yourself go!