Thursday, June 19, 2014

Blogophilia 17.7 Please Say It Isn't So

[Please] Say It Isn't So

Say it isn't so, that
I can no longer see the lust in your eyes.
My heart yearns for the time
when my merest touch was enough
to set your body alight; 
the merest whisper from my lips enough
to fill your soul with greed for more.

Say it isn't so, that
I can no longer see the love in your face
as you witness my transformation;
the swallowing of my pride
to become the man you wanted,
free from the gluttony of the needle,
free from the wrath of my past.

Say it isn't so, that
our paths cannot continue,
you must go your way, and 
I must go mine.  I envy
the person you have chosen in my place
even as I wish you happiness.
Bitterness threatens to engulf me.

Say it isn't so, that
you never loved me in the first place;
that your choosing me was a result
of spiritual sloth that made it OK
to settle, until better came along.
Those words, meant to sting,
did their job.

Copyright Steven Clark 2014 

"And I, the last, go forth companionless,
And the days darken round me....."
~~Tennyson's Morte d'Arthur

Written for:
Topic:  Please Say It Isn't So
bonus points:
(hard, 2 pts:  use a line from Tennyson's Morte d'Arthur)
(easy, 1 pt:  mention one of the 7 deadly sins)

Bonus picture guesses:
windswept, runaway, gone with the wind, pretty as a picture, waiting, leaving, loss, traveling, moving on

Topic submission guess:  Tyler
Picture submission guess:  Violeta


  1. heartbreaking....I felt every emotion in this piece. Wow. Deep, profound and so raw. Love how you effortlessly wove in those prompts. If this is true...I feel like I need to give you hug, if still get a hug.

    1. Half truth, half fiction. I'll still take the hug, though. :)

  2. This Steven at his best, rawness and heart and pain. I felt every syllable.
    Your talent is incredible. Sober Steven is golden.

  3. Sober Steven still finds it weird to be sober.....but thank you.

    1. Sober Jo is so leased to share that with you.

    2. Oops, trying to fix...sober Jo is so pleased to share that state with you.

  4. Sober Steven can appreciate his work.

  5. You are an AMAZING writer.... the pain seeps through, raw and searing...yet so very eloquent. My heart goes out to you, it is always so difficult to let go of someone you love, no matter what the reason. I can certainly relate to this write on many, many levels. Much love to you!!!

  6. Awesome. Heartbreaking but awesome nevertheless... and the quote you chose to go with your splendid poem -- perfect!!!

    -Leta <3

    1. I had another line from that poem chosen to use for the quote, but then stumbled on this one sorta accidentally and saw it fit better. Luck was with me, lol.

  7. Deep emotional heartfelt piece wit lots of feelin here .. Awesomeness be .. Hugs .. :)


  8. Alas, true romance, give and take. Not fond of the taking but such is life. 8 points, Earthling!! :D

    -Marvin Martian :)

  9. You, sir, should be writing novels! There's not one single writing of yours that does not leave me wanting to read more. Powerful and raw piece, that's for sure.


    1. Wow, thank you Irene. That means a lot! :)

  10. Slow death of passion can be worse than flaming out, well penned


  11. Wow, Steven, this was so poignant. :( Perfect use of the prompts, too.

  12. This Steven hit my core. I'm in tears. It is beautiful in such a heart wrenching way.

    Those losses, when you live through it....well...the hurt comes back. I wasn't expecting the contents read here...wasn't prepared. I thought the ground was more solid. That my friend speaks volumes of your writing ability.

    Thank you for sharing. Love over the miles.