Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dreams: a Blogophilia and BFF Write

Dreams are elusive...

lost from the mind

upon awakening,

or lost in the wind

once spoken.

Recurring over and over

without any further

understanding of

what it's all about.

Day dreams,

night dreams,

dreams of the future,

dreams of the past...

why does no one dream of the present?

Ah, but we have,

and we will...

for the present is

yesterday's future

and tomorrow's past.

I would give anything for

the chance to stay in my dreams

and avoid the harsh realities

of cobbling my life

back together...

But this cobbler must awaken

before the harsh realities

of his dreams

overtake him.

Blogophilia 36.3 Topic:  I would do anything for...
Bonus Point (hard, 2 pts):  mention something lost in the wind
Bonus Point (easy, 1 pt):  include a cobbler
BFF Topic:  Recurring Dreams

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  1. This is great! I never thought about dreaming in the present. I have enough problems living in the present. Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad I got to visit yours.....