Monday, February 3, 2014

Blogophilia 50.6 - The Colors Fade Away

The Colors Fade Away for Blogophilia 50.6

This bleak frozen landscape;
my life stretched out before me
neverending in its wanting...
the colors fade away, laughing as
they recede into the night.

What am I supposed to do now.....without you?

Beyond the veil I hear you whisper,
"come join me"
but I turn away from that temptation;
despite my heart breaking...
the wall is back in place.

When it hurts, you know it's the right thing.

I'm waiting for the colors
to fade back into my life,
for you, to fade back into my life.
The wall begs to be tumbled down
and breached.

But all that's left is a blind reflection.

copyright Steven Clark 2014

For my virtual reality effect (the ability to share digital files effortlessly via the internet), here is a youtube video of the song that inspired this, "Michigan" by The Milk Carton Kids.

My guilty pleasure.....I think you all know what that is.

Topic:  The Colors Fade Away
bonus (2 pts):  include a virtual reality effect  
bonus (1 pt):  mention a guilty pleasure  


  1. Love the poem! I think it can be taken a few different ways: waiting for someone to fade back into your life, or waiting for all the colors of nature to fade back into the endless snow-covered landscape. :)


    1. I was purposely vague......but both of those are valid guesses. Thank you for reading hon.

  2. yea! you wrote again! Let's tear that wall down shall we? or maybe not.Love the last line

    1. No, I would never, hardly ever, tell you you must do something. But I do like this piece

  3. Deep passionate piece waitin for the fade .. Yeah .. :)


  4. I am a big believer in temptation, but sometimes turning away is the better choice

  5. So glad you decided to fade back into our group! 8 brightened points Earthling! :)


  6. I love this!!! So helplessly romantic yet heartbreaking. Beautifully penned. <3

  7. Eloquent words touching my heart and soul as I read. Beautiful indeed.