Friday, March 7, 2014

RIP Kyle

Beautiful boy,

you wove dreamscapes from your hands,
colors and inks and charcoal blending into
places everyone wanted to escape to.

The pain in your heart manifested
into a nightmarish existence that you embraced
all while trying to flee.

No one could dismiss the beauty of your soul,
beauty tainted by the ugliness of others
and the harshness of reality.

Beautiful boy,

You made me laugh, and cry,
and wish that I could be more like you.
I hope your spirit is free...dancing.

My heart hurts to know you're gone,
the times we shared are forever seared on my memory.
Be at peace my friend.


  1. I have no idea why Kyle is but I wrote a poem called Beautiful Boy also -- I feel your pain

  2. What an extradinary tribute to your friend. I love this. I know he does too

  3. Touch tribute, hoping peace finds you